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SYKAM Amino Acid Analyzer

The innovative automatic Amino Acid Analyzer S 433 combines the advantages of the classical ion exchange separation method with the modern technique of high performance liquid chromatography. The complete package of sophisticated instrumentation, a wide variety of prepackaged and tested separation columns, combined with optimized ready-to-use buffer solutions and chemicals, creates the right answer for any routine or research problem in amino acid determination. More than 30 years experience in developing and operating sophisticated amino acid analyzers results in unmatched performance.

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High Precision & Reproducibility

The Amino Acid Analyzer's innovative design leads to both, a high sensitivity and a high degree of reproducibility. Every single instrument of the system is optimized in its role to provide the best achievable results. The flexible design of each instrument allows the user to change all important parameters to fit the desired application from protein hydrolysates, physiological fluids to sugar analysis and biogene amines.

Gradient System Accuracy

Flexibility does not lead to inaccuracy. The use of the S 2100 Solvent Delivery System leads to highly reproducible results while granting all the flexibility of a quaternary gradient pump. Neither the retention times, nor the linearity of the injected amounts are negatively influenced by the use of gradient buffer delivery as the following examples demonstrate:


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