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Biofil™ syringe filters design with a layer of prefilter. Ideal for filtering the solutions with a high load of particulate matter. All the Syringe filters are well packed, with competitive price filters. The membranes range from Nylon, CA, MCE, PES, PTFE, PVDF, GF, Regenerated Cellulose(RC)  to PP, which are supplied in 13mm and 25mm no virgin medical PP housings.

Test Method:


Agilent Technologies 1200, Column: C18 UV = 254 nm Mob.phase:MeOH/H2O:20:80, Temperature: 25°C, Flow rate:0.8ml/min, sample:2mg/ml Bergenin(in Methanol)


Why choose Biofil™ Syringe Filter?



1. HPLC certification which guarantees the filters will not produce extraneous peaks in the UV range.

2. 100% integrity tested with higher burst strength ratings assuring they will perform consistently.

3. Suitable for solutions with a high load of particulate matter.

4. Larger handling capacity.

5. Long Life Time.


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