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 Microlab Scientific Double Luer Lock (DLL)Syringe Filters provides a high throughput sample filtration method with innovative connection way(Individual or Assembled). The Membrane filters are available for 33mm syringe filters in 0.2μm and 0.45μm. The range of Membrane including all common membranes, such as Nylon, PTFE, PES, MCE, CA, PVDF, GF, RC etc.


Features and Benefits

Large filtration areas: High Sample Throughput

More Firm connection: Luer Lock Male/Female

Higher Operating temperature: Polycarbonate housing material tolerates up to 110℃ with PTFE membrane, up to 90℃ with PVDF membrane.

Sterile: Pre-sterilized by Gamma radiation and individually package can be offered.



Food safety monitoring

Environmental Pollution monitoring

 HPLC Sample preparation

Routine QC analysis

Removal of Protein precipitates

Content uniformity


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