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The Microlab GD/X syringe filter is specifically designed for high particulate loaded samples GD/X™ syringe filters are constructed with a pigment-free polypropylene housing containing a pre-filtration stack of Microlab GMF 150 (graded density) and GF/F glass microfiber membrane media.. All the Syringe filters are well packed, with competitive price filters .The membranes including Nylon, CA, PES, PTFE, PVDF, Regenerated Cellulose(RC) .




Eliminate or greatly reduce the need to carry out separate prefiltration step with difficult-to-filter samples.

Requires less hand pressure, even with the most difficult samples.

Processes three to seven times more sample volume.

GD/X filter construction facilitates exceptional loading capacity with fast flow rates. This prevents the build up of backpressure typically caused by the blocking of an unprotected membrane.





Oil Based Solutions

Pharmaceutical  Preparations


Biological Samples

Buffer Solutions

Salt Solutions

Cleaning/Rinsing Solutions

Irrigation Solutions

Sterile Isolations

Virus Suspensions

Tissue Culture Media

Partical Counting Solutions

Serum Samples and more


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