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Hydrophobic PTFE Roll Membrane


Microlab PTFE membrane media for filtration is made of PTFE(polytetrafluoroethylene), and were drawn 2-demension. It is micro-pore film. Applied to extensive industries, including pharmacy, biochemistry, microelectronic, and lab material and etc. Directly and indirectly related to pharmacy, brewing, manufacture of pure water and special need water, beverage and dairy, chemical reagent, biochemical reagent, air filtration of fermentation tank in microelectronic, purification and filtration in microelectronic plants, filtration and separation of antibacterial fluid, production of medicine, air conditioning of hospitals and commercial buildings.


Features and Benefits

Broad chemical compatibility

High throughputs and high flow rates

Good heat-resistance



Ultra pure water and high pure water

Ultra pure chemical solvents

Corrosive or oxidizing solutions

Gas & air

Other aqueous solutions

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