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Hydrophobic PVDF Membrane Filter



Microlab hydrophobic PVDF membrane is a versatile 100% high temperature resistant polyvinylidene difluoride membrane. It is designed to provide strength, flexibility and chemical compatibility to meet the rigorous and demanding requirements of chemical filtration applications. Incorporated with no wetting agents, Filtratione membrane is also an ideal cost-effective alternative to polytetrafluoroethylenemembrane to prevent moisture blockage in venting and gas filtration.





•    Bacterial removal

•    HPLC flowing particle removal

•    Drug filtration

•    Organic solvents filtration

•    Air filtration

•    Venting



Products Feature


• Stack consists of reinforced-type PVDF membrane, Possess superior properties of heat- resistance and chemical-resistance

• Holds the opposite capability against hydrophilic membrane

•Can ensure wet air and other gas pass through smoothly, even when the differential pressure is very low. But the water liquid can’t permeate


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