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IC Suppressor & KIT

Suppressor is a part in Ion Chromatography (IC) that have function for increase the sensitivity

detection of Conductivity Detector and in the same time decrease the background conductivity.


IC with suppressor device able to detect anion and cation in low level detection, <5ppb

The Suppressor is easily installed between Column and Conductivity Detector

Electrolytic Suppressor constructed of micro membrane and electric power supply, so that not

require any chemicals / Solution to regeneration

Electrolytic Suppressor can regenerated themselves by supply the current


NOW, the suppressor can be installed easily to any HPLC / IC you have, with only need the

Suppressor device and the kits/Suppressor controller , and then you will freely run the HPLC / IC

for anion and cation analysis to get lower detection level.


The Suppressor can be fit to any Liquid Chromatography (LC) from Waters, Shimadsu, Agilent,

Hitachi, Jasco, Thermo, Metrohm, etc.


Suppressor kits consist of: Suppressor Controller, Suppressor Anion/Cation with tubing, ferrule and fitting.

Suppressor Controller


Suppressor KIT

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