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Multiple Vacuum Filtration Systems

Microlab Scientific has introduced , a new turnkey filtration manifold system that can be combined with several different funnel options. Developed for flexibility and ease-of-use, MVF features a modular design and field - tested accessories that make it a more convenient and economical alternative than its conventional, single-funnel counterparts.



The stainless steel manifold for 3 or 6 filtration units is fitted with stainless steel units. The apparatus can be autoclaved and sterilized by dry heat at 180ºC.

Aluminum clip is designed into a reasonable closely way, with clip filter glass and intermediate filtration heads together, which ensure strict seal without leakage. There is no cleaning corner  exist for stockpile liquid and easy to clean. Stainless steel material makes the analytical results more stable and reliable due to its characteristics of acidproof and alkali, as well as hard to corrosion.

This apparatus is suitable only for vacuum operation. Flushing tubes should not be used  at the pressure of exceeding 1.3 bar (300 mbar over-pressure).



•    Each station uses separate control valve for independent operation, easy to use and disinfect with a high efficiency.

•    This system can filtrate three or six samples at the same time at low rate, with a high sensitivity.

•    Sturdy won't tip when full loaded due to the units with low center of gravity.

•    Anodized aluminium handles on both ends are designed for positioning on bench top.

•    All MVF series vacuum filtration devices are made of stainless steel which is suitable for filtration, especially in the microbiological field.




•    Microbiological quality control (e.g. Escherichia coli detection), biochemistry, hydrobiology.

•    Residue analyses.

•    Serial filtration carried out rapidly and easily with a common drainage outlet.

•    Drinks (e.g. cold sludge in beer), foodstuffs (e.g. ice cream), cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, water, wastewater.

•    Precipitate analysis, contamination tests and so on.


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