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Microlab Pasteur Pipette

Microlab Pasteur Pipette


Microlab Pipette Pasteur are manufactured with exclusively high-grade polystyrene(GPPS) or polyethylene(PE) which are excellent for clear observation and reducing liquid attachment on the pipette surface to assure accurate delivery. The manufacture environment is mastered by ISO 9000 quality management.




• Safe, convenient use and disposal.

• Gamma radiation sterilization or non-sterilized.

• Small suction can assure the repeatability of drop volume.

• Fluid pipe can be heat sealing, convenient to carry.

• Long flexible stem can be bent to draw liquid from narrow or

small volume tubes into the bulb.




Pasteur pipette is widely used in genetic, medicine, epidemic prevention, clinical, genetic, biochemical, petrochemical, military and other fields, belong to the lab consumable disposable products.

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