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MicrolabSci ™Qualitative Filter paper is applicable to pharmaceutical, chemical plants producing all kinds of pharmaceutical and solvent filtration. the qualitative filter paper is chiefly used for qualitative chemical analysis and relevant filter separation, as well as manufacturing test paper of relevant purity. The good characterization of folded filter paper compared to the same type of filter paper formation has the advantage of speeding up the flow rate and increasing the load power.


Microlabsci ™Qualitative Filter paper can be divided into fast, middle and slow speed three categories when measured by filtering speed and separation performance. Also it has to types: flat sheet and round. Qualitative filter paper to a square is 600*600mm. Qualitative Filter Paper circle diameter ranges from 7cm-18cm.



Made of 100%alpha cotton cellulose;Ash content 0.1%

Stable from PH 0~12;thermostable up to 120℃

Not melting in acid,Alkali and other organic solvents impure substances

Qualitative analytical techniques to determine and identify materials.



Widely used in general laboratory filtration

Liquid clarifications, analytical separations

air and water analysis

Rough sample preparation.


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