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Microlabsci ™Quantitative filter paper is mainly used for quantitative chemical analysis of the gravimetric analysis of the pilot trial and relevant analysis experiment. The filter paper can be applied to scientific research, industry agriculture, health, tertiary institutions, teaching experiment, environmental protection test, etc.


Microlabsci ™Quantitative filter paper can be divided into fast, medium and slow speed three categories when measured by filtering speed and separation performance. Quantitative filter paper has the round size Diameter ranges from70 to 180mm.



Made of highest quality alpha cotton cellulose.

Ashless(Ash content less than 0.01%). Acid washed and rinsed with ultrapure water to neutralize



Quantitative filter paper are the choice for gravimetric analysis. High purity hardened filter have a high wet-strength and are chemical resistant to handle vacuum filtration or acid/alkali solutions.

Qualitative filter paper are used for liquid clarifications.

Analytical separations and Air and water analysis


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