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Sterile Gridded MCE Membrane

Microlab Scientific’s mixed cellulose ester(MCE) membranes are composed of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate. The surface of our MCE Membrane is smoother more uniform than pure nitrocellulose membrane.

Microlab Scientific’s sterile gridded MCE membrane is ideal for Colony Counting and Sterility Testing, and the recovery and retention of bacteria in water/wastewater analysis and other microbiological tests. White gridded MCE membranes are designed for general purpose examination of all microorganisms, the recovery of  E. Coli bacteria in water/waste water analysis and other microbiological tests. Black gridded MCE membranes are assist in manual counting procedures. Black membranes provide contrast between residue or cell colors and the filter without having to counter-stain the membrane.



•    Hydrophilic property, uniform microporous structure of membrane make high flow rates

•    Clear defined gridded lines spaced at 3.1mm intervals

•    Grids are nontoxic and do not inhibit bacterial growth, ensuring sample integrity

•    Sterile options available for critical applications

•    Biologically inert with good thermal stability

•    High degree of internal surface area for greater adsorption of product

•    0.22um to 5.0um pore size for different microbe analysis

•    Gamma irradiated for sterilization

•    Individually sealed with easy-open separator paper



•    Sterilization of particulate analysis and removal, air monitoring and microbial analysis.

•    Air monitoring, particle monitoring, bioassays

•    E. Coli bacteria recovery and detection in water/waste water analysis

•    Fluorescent bacteriological assays, particle monitoring, bioassays

•    Fluorescent assays, particle monitoring, air monitoring


Filtration Process


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