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Microlab Scientific offers a wide selection of high quality extraction thimbles

available in a variety of dimensions to fit most Soxhlet extraction units.

Our extraction thimbles are manufactured in high purity cellulose fibers or

high purity glass binderless microfiber. They also feature a consistent wall thickness.

Custom manufacturing is available for tubes, sleeves and additional sizes.


Common Thimble Applications 

·Soxhlet extraction

  • Air and waste gas analysis
  • Collection of solid particles such as dust
  • Smoke stack gas monitoring
  • Analysis of pesticide residues
  • Oil/fat content of solid foods
  • Oil & grease analysis of solid wastes
  • Elution for biochemical analysis


Common Thimble Material Application Reference


  • Fat determination of meat and dairy products
  • Determination of PCB in fish products
  • Determination of free fats in food products
  • Determination of pesticide residues in food products
  • Extraction of plasticizers from PVC
  • Extraction of dioxins
  • Solid particle such as dust collection in air flows
  • Evaluation of liquid content in concrete slurry

Glass Microfiber

  • Gravimetric methods for hot environments
  • Gravimetric methods for acidic gasses
  • Extraction methods common to biochemical analysis


Technical Specifications for Cellulose Extraction Thimbles

Technical Specifications for Glass Microfiber Extraction Thimbles

A standard product line is available in over 30 size variations.  OEM projects are easily ramped up in volume from prototype to full production with approval samples submitted at every stage.  These formed filter products are produced in small custom batches or high speed automated long runs.

  • Wire forms from 8mm O.D. up to 90mm O.D.
  • Form lengths up to 330mm.
  • Wall thickness 2mm.
  • Thimbles, crucibles, cups and tubes.
  • Cellulose, borosilicate glass and quartz.
  • Various levels of water filtration, including R.O. for superior purity in analytical and diagnostic applications.
  • FDA grade manufacturing capabilities.
  • Lot selection, furnish verification and supply chain assurance.
  • Cotton batch traceability "to farm" with unique commodity procurement services.
  • Heat treating processes ranging from low temp, long exposure to flash and 1100°C muffle furnace treatments.
  • Wide range of geometry including Lips, lids & tapers.

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