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Vacuum Pump

Microlab offers the series diaphragm vacuum pump has the features of continous oil free pumping, low noise level, higher efficiency, long lifetime. It is mainly used in medicinal products analysis, tenuously chemical engineering, biochemical pharmacy, food examination, investigating and solving criminal case,etc.It is the ideal product used with the high-accuracy chromatogram apparatus, and as backing pumps for(wide range) turbo molecular pumps. This rang of vacuum pumps were developed especially for laboratory operations. It satisfies the highest in terms of precision, reliability and ease of use.




•    It can be in service under the condition of no working medium (no oil) and will not produce any pollution. Moreover, there is filtering material in the air exchange bin to guarantee the air clean.

•    New technologies and materials are used in production. It is easy to move and can work smoothly, which can guarantee the ideal vacuum and high rate of air flowing.

•    It adopts the operation containing no friction, producing no calories and having no friction exhausts. The diaphragm is made of Nitrile Rubber, which resists the corrosion and has long operating life.

•    The self-cooling air draft system is designed in the body. This system can keep the machine continuously running for 24 hours.

•    The design can be regulated by pressure to meet the requirements of vacuum or controllable steady air stream within certain range.

•    The axletrees are classical, which are imported abroad. They have the features of steady running, low noise and high operating efficiency



•    Vacuum filtration

•    Vacuum distillation

•    Vacuum drying

•    On rotary evaporators

•    To extract and transfer gases

•    Gel drying







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